The Arts at Waiuku College

Māori Performing Arts


When you choose to study music at Waiuku College, you will get to explore everything about it.  From how it is created in a studio, how its written and performed,  how to learn an instrument, and develop a new understanding of music.  You will have the chance to perform in front of audiences at our school as well as at competitions like Stand Up Stand Out, or RockQuest, just to name a few.  If you prefer, you can study a piece of music and write about it or even jump into one of our studios to create it!  Ultimately in music, we form a new appreciation for it and build relationships with other musicians who help you on your journey.


Are you destined to be on Shortland Street? Do you want to see your name in lights on Broadway? Or are you looking to improve your confidence? Then drama is for you. At Waiuku College you will be given a taster of many different styles of theatre as well as the chance to create your own plays. Students have the opportunity to perform in both small performance evenings and full-scale productions as well as compete in national competitions such as Showquest. There are also opportunities to develop your skills behind the scenes, including workshops with a professional stage makeup artist. When you choose to study drama you don’t just learn to act – you learn to understand the world around you, examine other’s perspectives and you’ll make some incredible memories along the way.