Sports Uniform Requirements

The following sports will be loaned a uniform for the playing season:

  • Football: Boys & Girls – Shirt, shorts and socks.
  • Hockey: Boys – Shirt, shorts and socks.
    •       Girls – Shirt, skort and socks.
  • Rugby: all teams- Jersey, shorts and socks.
  • Netball: All teams will be issued with Dresses and bibs
  • Athletics/Cross country- Singlet only.
  • Basketball: Boys and Girls – Singlet, shorts.
  • Cricket- Boys and Girls, Shirt and long pants.
  • Tennis- Shirt only.
  • Badminton/Squash- Shirt only, for away competitions.
  • Equestrian- Shirt and horse blanket.
  • Orienteering: Singlet
  • Waka Ama – Shirt.
  • Archery – Shirt
  • Volleyball – Singlet
  • Moto X – College shirt, each member provides own protective gear.

These uniforms must be returned immediately after the last game or may be held during the season by your coach/manager. Failure to do so may result in the student being charged for the uniform.

No1 Formal Uniform Requirement.

If you are named in a Top team of your code ie Gold Netball, 1st XV Rugby, 1st XI Hockey and Football, Senior Basketball, you can wear the formal No1 to school on the day of your game only.

This is made up of for boys: Good White Collared Shirt with school Tie.

Good Black pants and shoes and the school Maroon Jacket.

For Girls: Collared White Shirt (tie opt), Good Black Pants or Good skirt of decent length, black stockings and shoes, School maroon jacket