Sports Codes

Click on each code to find out more information and if you want to know anything other than what is listed complete the Sports Expression of Interest form or contact either Judith Coe or Michelle Carroll on the link in the Sports Introduction menu.


Waiuku College values support from the wider community, parents/caregivers and former students.

Without this ongoing support sport at the College would not be as successful as it is.

For sport to run effectively, each team that steps onto the sporting arena needs to be supported by a coach and where possible a team manager.

The sports office aims to support all volunteers by ensuring that they have the equipment they need, training facilities, first aid and all details of their team and ongoing updated draws.

At Waiuku College we are very fortunate to have three school vans that are able to be used for away sporting events. This is worked on a roster system as we have many teams and other areas of the school using these vans; the teams travelling the furthest away will be given first consideration.

If you are interested in supporting Waiuku College through coaching, managing or helping with transport please contact Judith Coe at the sports office.