Waiuku College requires students to wear a school uniform. Uniform should be worn at all times between school, home and on trips outside the classroom.
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The correct school uniform is provided below for your reference. If you have any uniform enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Uniform for Term 1

Term 1 begins in January. You will need to be ready for hot and sunny weather. The school holidays are great opportunity to purchase footwear and uniform for the start of the year.

Junior and Senior Girls


  • White Waiuku College blouse.
  • Black regulation Waiuku College Skirt.
  • Plain white or black socks.
  • Plain black shoes and laces.
  • Black or brown sandals.
  • Waiuku College maroon jersey.
  • Waiuku College maroon polar fleece.
  • Plain black, white or maroon scarf.
  • Waiuku College jacket.
  • Black Waiuku College pants.
  • Maroon school cap.
  • Plain black Beanie.
Junior and Senior Boys


  • Grey Waiuku College collared shirt.
  • Black Waiuku College shorts.
  • Waiuku College or plain black socks
  • Plain black shoes.
  • Black or brown sandals.
  • Waiuku College Maroon jersey.
  • Waiuku College maroon polar fleece.
  • Waiuku College Jacket.
  • Waiuku College Scarf.
  • Black Waiuku College Pants.
  • Maroon school cap.
  • Plain black Beanie.
Year 13 Uniform

The Waiuku College school uniform changes in Year 13. Items from former years are able to be worn with the new year 13 uniform.

Year 13 Girls

The uniform requirements for year 13 girls remain from former years with the additional option of a white Waiuku College polo shirt, white blouse and black pants or skirt.

Year 13 Boys

Year 13 boy’s have the additional option of a white Waiuku College polo shirt, white button up shirt and black pants.

Year 9 and 10

  • Waiuku college PE shirt
  • Plain black shorts

Year 11-13

  • Mufti and appropriate footwear

Purchasing a Uniform

School uniform can be purchased from the Warehouse in Pukekohe. For the start of 2020, limited items are still available from the school office at discounted prices. The school office is open on Tuesday Jan 28th to Friday Jan 31st in the main office between the hours of 8:30am and 4pm.

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Jewellery and other items.

Students may wear an ear stud or small ear ring. A small nose stud may be worn for cultural reasons. Neck jewelry of a cultural nature (eg taonga) may be worn but should be under the school uniform for practical activities and as directed by the teachers.


All hair should be kept tidy. Long hair may need to be tied back for health and safety reasons in certain classes.
All boys, except year 13, need to be clean shaven at all times.

Special and Formal Events

Number Ones, Blazers and Waiuku College ties are loaned from the school for special occasions and are worn by prefects to formal school events.

You will need to be prepared for cooler, wetter and windier weather. The school holidays are an ideal opportunity to purchase footwear for winter.


Sandals cannot be worn with socks or stockings. You will need to wear plain black shoes and laces.


Regulation long charcoal trousers can be worn for all Year levels.


Girls may wear plain white or black socks, or plain black tights. Boys can wear Waiuku College charcoal socks or plain black socks.

Jackets, Hoodies and Polar Fleeces

Students may wear the official school jacket, polar fleece, hoodie or jersey.