School Uniform

Waiuku College requires all students to wear a school uniform. Uniforms must be worn correctly at all times, including on the way to and from school, and school trips (unless otherwise stated). 

The correct school uniform is provided below for your reference and can be purchased from The Warehouse Pukekohe. If you have any uniform inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Year 9-12 Students

White Waiuku College blouse or grey Waiuku College polo shirt 

Black Waiuku College skirt, either knee-length or ankle-length 

or black Waiuku College shorts 

or black smart straight-cut trousers (suit-like), plain with no texture or pattern. This means no bootleg, bell bottom, tapered trousers, cargo pants, jeans, tights or track pants. No knit, waterproof, or stretch fabrics are allowed.

or plain black lavalava 

The Waiuku College school jacket, polar fleece, hoodie or jersey* 

Plain black sandals with a heel strap. Sandals must be completely black Footwear such as Crocs and Birkenstocks are not acceptable. 

Plain black shoes or sneakers under ankle height (must be worn with plain black socks) 

Plain black stockings. Tights are not allowed. 

Plain black thermal top (collarless) 

Plain black or maroon scarf 

Plain Maroon school cap or bucket hat (available from School Reception) or new school cap with logo (available from The Warehouse Pukekohe)

Physical Education Uniform: Any plain black shorts and a Waiuku College Whaanau shirt 

Black full-finger gloves (Terms 2 & 3 only)

Please note from 2024 onwards, beanies of any colour are no longer part of the school uniform.

*Please note grey Waiuku College hoodies will not be part of the school uniform from 2025 onwards. 

Year 13 Students

Year 13 students do not have a uniform, but they do have a dress code: 

Smart Casual  (more smart than casual) 

Black and/or white clothing (a combination of both is allowed) 

No coloured branding 

No alcohol/ drugs/ offensive branding 

Black or white shoes  

Black sandals (plain black see above) 

No Singlets 

No Jandals 

No shoestring singlets / No midriff showing

Physical Education uniform: Mufti and appropriate footwear 

Jewellery & Other Items

Small plain ear studs or small plain sleepers (no more than 12mm in diameter) are allowed. 

A small nose stud may be worn (No other facial piercings are permitted). 

One piece of neck jewellery of a cultural and/or personal nature (e.g., taonga) may be worn.

Rings and bracelets are permitted.

The above jewellery items are permitted but may need to be worn under the school uniform or removed for health or safety reasons as directed by the teacher. 

The College takes no responsibility for confiscated jewellery. Any confiscated items must be collected by parents/caregivers from the school office. 



All hair should be kept tidy. Long hair may need to be tied back for health and safety reasons in certain classes.


Formal Wear (Number Ones) 

Black Waiuku College blazer (available from the school office) 

Waiuku College tie (available from the school office) 

Plain white non-collared blouse or plain white-collared long-sleeve business shirt 

Black Waiuku College skirt (ankle-length formal), or black smart straight-cut trousers (suit-like), plain with no texture or pattern, or plain black lavalava 

Plain black dress shoes under ankle height (must be worn with plain black socks) 

Plain black sandals (must have heel strap, and can only be worn with lavalava or dress skirt)

If for any reason a student does have the correct item of uniform, they must get a whaanau leader’s pass before going into class.

If students are unable to wear the correct uniform due to financial hardship, please contact the relevant whaanau leader as soon as possible. All requests for assistance will be treated in the strictest confidence.