International Study Costs

The tuition fee covers normal school tuition, textbooks (on loan), and an orientation programme. The Board of Trustees reviews all fees annually.

Tuition Fee (NZD)
Full Year – 4 Terms $14,500.00
3 Terms $10,875.00
2 Terms $7,250.00
1 Term $3,625.00
Administration Fee (NZD)
Full Year – 4 terms $800.00
3 Terms $800.00
2 Terms $500.00
less than 2 Terms $500.00
Homestay Fee (NZD)
Homestay Placement fee $350.00
Homestay per week $250.00
Airport Pickup – (return) $200.00
Contingency Fund Fee (NZD)
Students can use this fund to pay for school trips, camps, uniforms and in-school and extracurricular sports such as horse riding and surfing, any money remaining in the student’s account will be refunded back to the parents at the end of the course. $1000.00
Additional Costs

Extra costs not covered are:

  • Uniform costs – See uniform information sheet ( approx. $350)
  • Stationery includes subject workbooks (allow $200)
  • School field trips, and camps (for some subjects)
  • Entry fees to external examinations and awards
  • NCEA entry fee – $383.30 per candidate. This fee is for year 11, 12 & 13 students only.
  • Competitions: Students will have the opportunity to enter national competitions. Typically these are in Mathematics, Science, English & Chemistry and have entry fees of approximately $5.
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities; sports, culture, and clubs.
  • Personal spending money
  • For a better understanding of the cost of living, please refer to Studying in New Zealand
Refund Policy
  • If the student withdraws from his/her course of study before the course completion date, he/she will NOT receive a refund of school fees except in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, the parents should write to the principal explaining the exceptional circumstances; however, the College’s decision is final.
  • If the application for a refund is made before the start of the course, fees will be refunded less:

-an administration fee
-any other costs to the school already incurred

  • No refund will be made to a student who is excluded from the College by the Board of Trustees.
  • No refund will be made to an International Student who changes visa status to one which entitles them to regular/domestic student status, after one month from date of payment.
  • Please note the balance of homestay money will be refunded back to the parents’ bank account in full at the time the student signs out of Waiuku College.
  • The Board of Trustees guarantees that accounting procedures are in place to ensure that monies are available for release.
  • International Students’ fees shall be paid into the school’s general account and drawn down at intervals of one term in arrears throughout the academic year.
  • These monies will be available for approved refunds resulting from withdrawal from the College or in the event of the College not being able to provide tuition.