International Study Costs

The tuition fee covers normal school tuition, textbooks (on loan), and an orientation programme. The Board of Trustees reviews all fees annually.

Tuition Fee (NZD)
Full Year – 4 Terms $14,500.00
3 Terms $10,875.00
2 Terms $7,250.00
1 Term $3,625.00
Administration Fee (NZD)
Full Year – 4 terms $800.00
3 Terms $800.00
2 Terms $500.00
less than 2 Terms $500.00
Homestay Fee (NZD)
Homestay Placement fee $350.00
Homestay per week $250.00
Airport Pickup – (return) $200.00
Contingency Fund Fee (NZD)
Students can use this fund to pay for school trips, camps, uniforms and in-school and extracurricular sports such as horse riding and surfing, any money remaining in the student’s account will be refunded back to the parents at the end of the course. $1000.00
Additional Costs

Extra costs not covered are:

  • Uniform costs – See uniform information sheet ( approx. $350)
  • Stationery includes subject workbooks (allow $200)
  • School field trips, and camps (for some subjects)
  • Entry fees to external examinations and awards
  • NCEA entry fee – $383.30 per candidate. This fee is for year 11, 12 & 13 students only.
  • Competitions: Students will have the opportunity to enter national competitions. Typically these are in Mathematics, Science, English & Chemistry and have entry fees of approximately $5.
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities; sports, culture, and clubs.
  • Personal spending money
  • For a better understanding of the cost of living, please refer to Studying in New Zealand
Refund Policy
  • If the student withdraws from his/her course of study before the course completion date, he/she will NOT receive a refund of school fees except in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, the parents should write to the principal explaining the exceptional circumstances; however, the College’s decision is final.
  • If the application for a refund is made before the start of the course, fees will be refunded less:

-an administration fee
-any other costs to the school already incurred

  • No refund will be made to a student who is excluded from the College by the Board of Trustees.
  • No refund will be made to an International Student who changes visa status to one which entitles them to regular/domestic student status, after one month from date of payment.
  • Please note the balance of homestay money will be refunded back to the parents’ bank account in full at the time the student signs out of Waiuku College.
Fees Protection Policy
  • The Board of Trustees guarantees that accounting procedures are in place to ensure that monies are available for release.
  • International Students’ fees shall be paid into the school’s general account and drawn down at intervals of one term in arrears throughout the academic year.
  • These monies will be available for approved refunds resulting from withdrawal from the College or in the event of the College not being able to provide tuition.

International Students Staff
Antoinette Walters- Director of Global & Community Relations

Jayne Palmer- International Homestay Coordinator