Grievance Procedures

Problems with subjects or teachers

If you have a problem with a subject or with one of your teachers and need to talk to someone about it you can see your Dean.  You can ask the International Student Manager for advice, but it will usually be the Dean who will deal with the problem.  If you have seen these people and you still think you have a serious problem you could ask to see the principal (Mr Vanderlaan).

Problems with school friends

You can talk to the Guidance Counsellor, or you can see the International Student Manager or your Dean.  You must make an appointment at the guidance office if you would like to talk to the counsellor.

Homestay Problems

See the Homestay Coordinator if you have a problem with your homestay.

If you are still unhappy about any of these problems you should talk to the International Student Manager again to see what else might be done.

If the problems have still not been solved, parents may write to the Principal, or you can refer to the Disputes Resolution Scheme (DRS) below.

If you do have a problem please ask for help while it is still a little problem.  Do not wait for it to become a big problem.  If you are not confident that your English is good enough you can always bring a friend who has better English.  If you do not have a friend who can help you could ask the International Student Manager to contact someone who speaks both your language and English.  The school has a list of people who are willing to help when people need language translation.

If your concerns are not resolved by the internal grievance procedures, you can contact iStudent Complaints, the Disputes Resolution Scheme (DRS)

Information about iStudent Complaints may be viewed online at