Frequently Asked Questions about BYOD?

Is there a limit to the number of students who can participate?
No, but all Year levels will be asked to bring a device.

If I provide a laptop, is there anything I should do before my child brings their computer to school?

  • Ensure any login information created including security questions are documented and stored in a safe place (Microsoft Accounts and Apple ID’s).
  • If student logins are setup against a Microsoft or Apple ID ensure they are not restricted by Microsoft family restrictions or Apple Parental Controls until after the BYOD setups are completed.
  • If the student is not an Administrator of the computer, the Admin account details will be required during the setup weeks.
  • Check the device has anti-virus software that will last till school starts.  We will replace it during the setup weeks.
  • Do not load applications such as Steam, Discord, Spotify or any other application which hinders the computers startup process or minimises storage capacity.
  • Refrain from loading the devices with photos, personal files and browser sign-ons until after the setup weeks.
  • Ensure you keep receipts and warranty information safe.
  • If the device is new, take a photo or record any serial numbers and/or model numbers from the packaging, or from the device.
  • Label or mark the device so it can be identified. Check with the supplier about engraving as this can sometimes void your warranty.
  • Check if your home insurance policy will cover device theft, loss and accidental breakage.

Are there any retailers who are offering discounted devices?

  • It pays to shop around, look at our minimum specifications. Retailers are NOT aware of our requirements.
  • Retailers with the ability to customise laptops can be more flexible matching or exceeding our minimum specifications.
  • Sites like PriceSpy can assist comparing prices.
  • Ex-lease and refurbished devices can offer good value and some are offered with one year warranties, or can be purchased in addition.
  • Extended Warranties.

We cannot afford a device, is there some sort of financial assistance plan?
Major retailers offer payment plans over time. The school will have limited numbers of loan devices available. These are primarily for use in short term emergencies when a student device is not available e.g. undergoing repair.

What additional software should I buy?


Annually from March, the school offers students access to a one year subscription of the current version of Adobe Creative Cloud at heavily discounted rates. Priority is given to Design and Photography students.  Please contact IT for cost and availability.

Who is responsible for the device should it get stolen?
As with all student property, the device will be the responsibility of the student throughout the school day.

Should I get theft insurance for my child’s technology device?
Check if your insurance policy covers theft or loss – if not, you may need a special theft policy. Experience at two other large co-ed schools visited was that theft had been virtually non-existent with regard to devices.

Are there rules and policies that my child and I should know about?
Yes, students must comply with Waiuku College Digital Citizenship Policy. This document is available in the Waiuku College Enrollment pack.

Does my child really need a device? Are there research studies and other information related to the effectiveness of educational technology on learning?  
K-12 Horizon Report
K12 Blueprint
What is the Impact of Technology on Learning?
Mobile Learning from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Article: Should schools embrace “Bring Your Own Device?”
Article: One to One or BYOD?
Article: Seven Myths about BYOD Debunked

How often will my child be using their device during a school day?
This will depend on the nature of the subject and what units of work are being taught. However, it is estimated that students will use their devices for around 3 to 4 hours per day.

Are students able to charge their device at school?
Students will be expected to arrive at school with a fully charged device. Charging points are very limited.

What will happen to my child and/or the device if they contravene the Digital Citizenship agreement?
We will apply normal school pastoral care and disciplinary procedures. We will not ban device use as this will affect participation in learning. Internet use can be restricted.

Will the school technician be able to repair my child’s device?
The care/maintenance and repair of devices rests with the student. We are able to give software support and offer advice on hardware repair.

How will my child carry their device?

We recommend that when buying a new school bag, consider one which is capable of protecting a laptop and accommodating the usual equipment for school. A separate protective cover for the device itself is also an affordable option.

What are the potential dangers of Wi-Fi?
There are reports available on the websites from the Ministry of Education and Health that confirm the safety of normal device use in normal classroom settings.

Will my child need a new email account?
All students will be allocated a Microsoft 365 school e-mail account as part of their induction.

How will this affect stationery costs?
These will drop significantly. As more and more tools and resources become digital, the use of traditional exercise books and workbooks will decrease. Some learning activities will still require the use of pen and paper to be effective.