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Our School Values


  • Whanāungatanga is symbolized by three main bodies of water (the Manukau Harbour, the Waikato River and Te Tai o Rehua (the West Coast).  Each of the waterways has its own diverse features and spiritual essence.
  • In the image the waterways are interwoven, symbolizing people coming together as one.
  • Whanāungatanga is about relationship, kinship and a sense of belonging.  It is about working together and being inclusive of all diversities.


  • The moko kauae represents Whakaute (respect, and appreciation).
  • The lips represent the Maunga and Moana of the land.
  • The two manu in the middle represent the two Marae in Waiuku (Tahuna & Rererewhioi) but also the Kahu Pokere and the Whioi birds – both significant Tuupuna birds in this area.
  • The tohu as a whole represents the strong women that have come from Ngaati Te Ata, and their leadership.

Korowai Maanaki

  • Kaitiakitanga is represented through our whenua, moana, awa, the westerly winds, ancestral pathways and culturally significant features in and around our Waiuku Area.
  • It acknowledges the importance of protecting our environment, the atmosphere, sustainability, whānau, good relationships and our physical wellbeing.
  • Kaitiakitanga is our collective responsibility as caretakers of Papatuānuku, our environment and our people.

Our Principal/Tumuaki

​Ngā mihi nui ki a tātou katoa
Ko Wharite te māunga
Ko Manawatu te awa
Ko Randolph te waka
No Te Papa-i-Oea ahau,
Ko Ngāti Pākehā tōku iwi
Ko Stuart Kelly tōku ingoa
Ko te Tumuaki ahau ō te Kāreti ō Waiuku
No reira tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa

Welcome to Waiuku College!
Waiuku College is an outstanding co-educational secondary school in Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand. We offer the complete learning experience to approximately 900 Year 9 to 13 secondary school students.

Our school offers a complete learning experience with a core focus on academic achievement as well as considerable opportunities in Culture, Leadership, Arts, Service, & Sport. As a BYOD Microsoft 365 school, we offer all of our students a local and global learning opportunity anywhere, anytime.

Our school aims to provide the best possible education for all of our students based on our three core values:
Whanaungatanga (relationships, responsibility)
Whakaute (pride, respect, appreciation)
Kaitiakitanga (guardianship, sustainability)
​These three values are embedded in Te Ara O Waiuku (The Waiuku Way).

As principal/tumuaki of Waiuku College I see our school as A CLASS in terms of our priorities:
Academics, supported by opportunities in

It is expected that all of our students develop the character, competence, and confidence to be the very best version of themselves.

Ngā mihi nui

Mr. Stuart Kelly
Waiuku College

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Our Community

Awaroa House acknowledges

  • Awaroa ki Waikato
  • The Ngaio tree and name of where the Awaroa and Waikato rivers meet
  • The Southern cross
  • Port Waikato hills
  • The green wetlands of Akaaka and Otaua
  • The koru which represents new life and growth

Kaiwaka House acknowledges

  • Te pae ō kaiwaka (The Ancient Waka portage trail)
  • The many waka that traversed Kaiwaka
  • The yellow sun rising in the east
  • Purapura hills descending into the Akaaka plains
  • Tīkouka / Cabbage Tree common to wetlands
  • The koru which represents new life and growth

Maanukanuka House acknowledges

  • Maanukanuka ō Hoturoa (Hoturoa – the captain of Tainui Waka)
  • The blue waters of the Manukau Harbour
  • View from Wairau (Awhitu Regional Park)
  • Kauritutahi Island
  • The Pohutukawa tree common around the harbour
  • The koru which represents new life and growth

Rehua House acknowledges

  • Te tai ō Rehua (Tasman Ocean)
  • Rukuwai Pā on the high ground to the right
  • Trail/road to Karioitahi Beach
  • Harakeke plant common along the coast
  • The red sun setting in the west
  • The koru which represents new life and growth